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The Pitch Bible


Good Cop Dead Cop is a supernatural adventure, police procedural and character-based sitcom with every element slotted tetris block-like into fast-paced, intelligent blocks of 2-minute cartoon magic.

The series follows a couple of New York detectives: Lew, a violent, selfish crooked cop who habitually beats up suspects for fun and takes women's panties for 'evidence' and the oblivious Sammy who believes his partner to be a diamond-in-the-rough paragon of virtue.

Lew is also an invisible ghost who can only communicate through an Ouija board, but the books on pitching all say to lead with the hook.



Officer Sammy Whiplash
"Great detective work, Lew. I'd never have thought to check the victim's pornography collection... so many times"

Sammy is honest, moral and hard-working. All fine qualities for a cop. He's also determined to see the good in everyone he meets. That one's not so good.

Believing himself to have found the perfect, uncorrectable partner in Lew; he was devastated when his best friend was found murdered. But all hope was not lost! Sammy always had an interest in the paranormal and with a home-made Ouija board he successfully contacted Lew's spirit!

Naturally there was now nothing to do but team up once again to protect and serve the people of this good city!

Officer 'Lew' Lewisham, deceased

Contrary to what Sammy believes, Lew is not a good person. Not in life, not in death, not in any way, shape or form.

Although we never see what he used to look like, and his methods of communicating are generally restricted to things only Sammy bothers to pick up on. The audience is presented with plenty of proof that Lew was a fat, loudmouthed, corrupt and incompetent slab of human scum.

While Sammy is convinced that Lew is a gentle guardian spirit, there to offer him cosmic guidance and sift through small clues. Lew is in fact a powerful poltergeist, often wreaking havoc when Sammy's back is turned.

Lew has a list of enemies a mile long, making it almost impossible to figure out which one murdered him.

Lieutenant Chochmingwu Dryspell
"You need evidence, Whiplash! Always evidence! Remember; an agent of the law has but one true weapon at their disposal: It's this fucking gun. It is tiny. There is one of it. That's why we need evidence. To keep putting away guys who get to have bigger guns. We do not have enough of these fucking guns if they all decide to attack us at once."

Some call Dryspell a hardass, most are too scared to on account of her being such a hardass.
Dryspell's life is bringing down perps, and she's ruthlessly devoted to gathering the bare facts. PLAUSIBLE facts. NON GHOST-related facts. Despite being exposed to it on an almost daily basis, Dryspell refuses to accept the existence of anything Supernatural.

Believe it or not, Dryspell does have a soft side; a side that pines for the affection of the sweet, naive young officer known as Sammy Whiplash. This hole in her armour reveals itself only occasionally, and it's a hole Dryspell will quickly work hard to plug with coffee, cigarettes and stern badassery.




Every episode of Good Cop Dead Cop works as a self-contained sketch or as a piece of a larger whole as character development and reveals are lightly sprinkled into every story.
We have a lot of ideas but here are examples of the ones we feel confident we've chiselled into the requisite 2 minute comedy gut-punches.

AMIGHOSTS - A medium is smuggling Mexican ghosts across the border and it's up to Sammy to send them back. But can he face denying them the chance of a better afterlife?

BEEFY SANCHEZ - Sammy is assigned a new partner who Lew immediately sets about driving crazy behind Sammy's back in order to get his friend back to himself.

THE POSSESSIVE FRIENDSHIP - Sammy decides to let Lew share his corporeal body, leading to massive obesity down his left side.

SOME SERIOUS STAKE-OUT TIME - While on a stake-out Sammy reminisces and expresses his innermost feelings to Lew, who actually slipped out of the car to go to a strip club hours ago.

CHANNEL LEW - Lew gets trapped inside a TV set, meaning the whole station has to spend the day enduring his horrible, horrible imagined TV shows.

LONG ARM OF THE LEW - Sammy is on the verge of solving Lew's murder. But tying up his unfinished earthly business means he could lose his best friend all over again

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